“This is a  performance exploring identity and motherhood and the struggle of women with young children to maintain a presence in the art world and society in general. During the performance I will care for my small child (who will be eight months old at the time of LAPSody) with one side of my body – feeding her with one breast, rocking and playing with her with one arm on one knee – while creating an artwork with the other side of my body – filling a vessel with milk expressed from my alternate breast. The work will symbolize the torn identity of women who try to maintain an artistic career while raising children. How are we known to the world? What is our signature? Are we mothers or artists, and need the two titles be in opposition? This work follows from previous performances exploring identity for women perceived to be ‘of child bearing age’, namely ‘Casting Off My Womb’ (Darwin Visual Arts Association, 2013), ‘Programmed to Reproduce’ (Festival of Live Art, Melbourne, 2016), and sMother (Venice International Performance Art Week, 2016).” 

Photo credit: Casey Jenkins.

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