The artist is turning thirty. Since he is unable to celebrate his birthday due to academic obligations he is larping it. This pre-larp workshop prepares you to have a player role in the Dear ________, Please Imagine My Birthday larp game. In the workshop, players will select a character and become one of the artist’s close friends or family members in order to enact an authentic birthday experience for the artist. Playful exercises and discussion will allow participants to develop a sense of connection to their character’s personality, their character’s relationship with the artist, and the social dynamics of the artist’s friend and family group. Throughout the workshop and the subsequent game, participants will build a deeper sense of understanding of the artist and his social milieu. This larp explores the ways in which the self is socially produced and sustained through interaction, memory and community.

This pre-larp workshop and subsequent game serve as a brief introduction to chamber larp in the style of Nordic Larp, a form of larp game design.

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Photo credit: Julia Serena Alancita.

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