Petros Konnaris (Cyprus, 1988) works between the fields of live art, participatory art, and dance. His performances are meetings between people to share and explore concepts like intimacy, taking care of each other, gentleness, coming together, nakedness, playfulness, and fun. He graduated from the MA programme in Live Art and Performance Studies at the Theater Academy of Uniarts Helsinki. He has also studied Dance (University of Nicosia, 2011) and Mathematics and Statistics (University of Cyprus, 2011). He received a DanceWeb Scholarship in 2012, part of the ImpulsTanz festival in Vienna. In his artistic practice, Petros wishes to blend everyday life and performance and share some “special” moments with the audience member(s)/participants. He believes care and gentleness are crucial elements in communication, exploration, and interaction.

Petros is based in Cyprus and spends a lot of his time with his goddaughter Anthousa.

Photo credit: Pavlos Vrionides.

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