Antonín Brinda (Czech Republic) works primarily in the fields of performance/live art and urban art. Apart from an artist, he is also an organizer/curator of various low-budget and “DIY” art events. He has gained his education in different fields of art and art theory in Brno, Prague, Tallinn, and Helsinki. Antonín currently explores areas such as travelling, urbanism, long durational performance and body art.
He is the co-founder and co-organizer of performance art events and festivals Kůra (Kutná Hora, CZ), Performance Crossings (Prague, CZ), Performensk (Minsk, BY), Perform – or not (Tallinn, EE) and Wärmflasche (Berlin, DE/Vernéřovice, CZ).

Antonín would like to know, “How to make love with a city”.

Photo credit: Jussi Virkkumaa.

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