Anniken Weber (Norway, 1990) is based between southern Norway and the United Kingdom. She has been performing and exhibiting in Europe since 2012. Her practice is rooted in linguistic and social anthropology, with a strong affinity to sonic spatiality, music and dance. She studied performance art with Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith during her BA and MA at Kingston University in London. Anniken is currently working with one-on-one performance mentoring and developing sensory awareness workshops for art students and non-artists. She is also a divination and herbal medicine advisor. In November 2017 she completed the residency ‘Urban Collage: sensing spatiality inside and outside the museum’, organized by Christina Georgiou in Cyprus. Anniken’s work has been presented in Tactile Bodies (Cyprus, 2017); Høstpunkt (Norway, 2017/8), Razzmatazz (United Kingdom, 2016/7), Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (Cyprus, 2013) and IPAW – International Performance Art Weekend -Berlin (Germany, 2014/5/6/7).

Photo credit: Anniken Weber.

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